Finished Research Projects

PowerDB - OLAP
COCOON: High-Performance Object Data Manager
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Concert: An Open Abstract-Object Storage System
Database Parallelisation of Numerical Algorithms
Harmony: An Distributed Object Query Service
HERMES: Data Placement and Distributed Multimedia Indexes
HERMES: Distribution and Caching for Multimedia Data
Hospital Information Systems
Object Flow in Federated Engineering Databases
RasterGIS: Raster Images and 3-D Objects in Geodatabases
Transactional Foundations

Finished Externally Funded Projects

Adavanced Querying and Coordination of Multimedia Information in ETH World: Feasibility Study and Prototype Demonstrator
All4U -- Dynamic Collaborative Information Spaces
Interactive Image Information System for Teaching and Research at ETH Zurich
Feature Extraction and Similarity Search in Large Databases (TH)
Feature Extraction and Similarity Search in Large Databases (EMPA)
INVENT: Infrastructure for Virtual Enterprises
ImageInd: Integrated Image Analysis and Retrieval
CHOROCHRONOS: A Network for Spatiotemporal Database Systems
HERMES: Foundation of High Performance Multimedia Information Management Systems
Ein Meta-Modell für Modellierung und Management grosser verteilter Informationssysteme
MARIFlow: A Workflow Management System for the Maritime Industry
PASTEL: Persistent Application Systems, Technologies, Environments and Languages
RasterGIS: Raster Images and 3-D Objects in Geodatabases
Rechnerintegrierte Methoden basierend auf föderierten Datenbanken zur Verbesserung der Produktmodularität und des Dokumentationsflusses im Konstruktionsprozess
WISE: Workflow Based Internet Services

Former Group Members

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Alonso

Stephan Blocher

Dr. Stephen Blott

Prof. Dr. Klemens Böhm

Rory Chisholm

Dr. Uwe Deppisch

Dr. Gisbert Dröge

Sebastian Duda

Tomas Felner

Dr. Armin Feßler

Dr. Torsten Grabs

Dr. Claus Hagen

Dr. Christof Hasse

Dr. Haiyan Hasse-Ye

Kai Jauslin

Dr. Bin Jiang

Dr. Helmut Kaufmann

Prof. Dr. Bettina Kemme

Alexander Kuckelberg

Dr. Christian Laasch

Defeng Ma

Dr. Axel Mönkeberg

André Naef

Dr. Guido Nerjes

Prof. Dr. Moira C. Norrie

Dr. Guy Pardon

Dr. H.-B. Paul

Dr. Andrei Popovici

Dr. Lukas Relly

Dr. Christian Rich

Dr. Uwe Röhm

Dr. Michael Rys

Dr. Werner Schaad

Prof. Dr. Marc H. Scholl

Prof. Dr. Heiko Schuldt

Hao Shao

Ana Stojanovic

Dr. Markus Tresch

David Wallmann

Kai Warszas

Dr. Roger Weber

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weikum

Andreas Wolf

Dr. Martin Wunderli

Dr. Peter Zabback

Gabriele Zini

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